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Process Heat Transfer
Principles and Applications
ISBN: 9789380501185
First Indian Reprint 2010 ,
770 pages , Soft Cover,
Rs. 1295 /- For Sale in South Asia Only
Primary Audiences:
Students of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering
sensible heating zone, unequal baffle, window pressure drop, mechanical design calculations, heat load loops, tube vibration problems, convective enhancement factor, frac vap, exit vapor fraction, tube layout angle, prime surface area, required overall coefficient, thermosyphon mode, vapor weight fraction, four process streams, tubesheet thickness, column sump, super targeting, tube bank correlations, other suitable software, four tube rows, mixture correction factor, reboiler system, baffle spaces, central baffle spacing. New York, Simplified Delaware, Hemisphere Publishing Corp, Heat Exchanger Design Handbook, Item Hand, Results Total, Xchanger Suite, Input Summary, Greek Letters, Boca Raton, Calculation Type Section, Component Data Section, Thermodynamic Data Section, Stream Data Source, Wolverine Tube, Unit Operations Data, Nozzle Location, Pct Dia, Plain Shell, The Zuber, Tube Geometry Nozzles Tube, Heat Mass Transfer
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