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Advanced Visual Quantum Mechanics
ISBN: 9788184891843
First Indian Reprint 2009 ,
503 P, 103 ill, With CD Soft Cover,
Rs. 995 /- India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh & Srilanka
Primary Audiences:
Students of Physical Sciences

Physical Sciences, Electrical, Electronics, Control Engineering
spectral supersymmetry, standard position operator, spinor harmonics, positronic states, lowest possible eigenvalue, subsystem observables, initial spinor, qubit pairs, position probability density, free time evolution, bipartite system, analytic perturbation theory, eigenspace belonging, local unitary transformation, separable state, qubit states, real orbitals, quantum register, radial eigenfunctions, first qubit, individual qubits, rigid rotator, partial beams, one qubit, quantum information theory
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