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Biosensors and Their Applications
ISBN: 9788181287601
First Indian Reprint 2007 ,
380 pages , Soft Cover,
Rs. 595 /- For Sale in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri lanka Only
Primary Audiences:
Student of Life Science

Life Science
protamine sensor, polyion sensors, resulting enzyme electrode, binding rate coefficient, heparin sensor, microporous gold electrodes, transduced currents, bioelectrocatalyzed oxidation, sequence electrode, diffusional electron mediator, antibody microprobes, enzyme multilayers, gei wai, solvent polymeric membranes, antigen monolayer, monolayer electrode, piezoelectric immunosensor, redox hydrogel, thermochromic transition, electrochemical enzyme immunoassay, bienzyme electrodes, microbial sensor, amperometric responses, colorimetric response, fast cyclic voltammetry, Anal Chem, Anal Chim Acta, Biosens Bioelectron, New York, Sens Act, Anal Lett, Kluwer Academic, Plenum Publishers, Brain Res, Anal Biochem, Langmuir Blodgett, Hong Kong, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Workshop, Clin Chem, Neurosci Meth, Academic Press, Marcel Dekker, Monitoring Molecules, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Biotech Bioeng, Department of Chemistry, Immunol Meth, Neurosci Lett, Thin Solid Films,
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