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The Physics of Micro / Nano Fabrication
ISBN: 9788184894134
First Indian Reprint 2010 ,
670 pages , Soft Cover,
Rs. 1495 /- For Sale in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri lanka Only
Primary Audiences:
Students of Physical Sciences and Nano-Technology

Physical Sciences and Nano-Technology
laser pantography, bipotential lens, crossover radius, unipotential lens, crossover plane, layering technologies, window frame pattern, ion projection lithography, inorganic resists, triode gun, reactive plasma etching, beam half angle, crossover size, linewidth control, projection printers, electron resist, demagnified image, plasma focus, electron mirrors, screen lens, quadrupole lens, electron lithography, resist film, coupled electrode, object aperture, Electron Phys, Scanning Electron Microsc, Microstructure Science, Monte Carlo, Stanford University, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, November December, San Francisco, Surface Sci, Cambridge University Press, Electrochemical Society, January February, Oxford University Press, University of California Press, Bell Syst, Electron Beam Technology, Ion Bombardment of Solids, London Ser, Pergamon Press,
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