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An Introduction to Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Sets
ISBN: 9788181287878
First Indian Reprint 2007 ,
296 pages, 50 ill, Soft Cover,
Rs. 695 /- For Sale in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri lanka Only
Primary Audiences:
Students of Computer Science and Information Technology

Computer Science and Information Technology
continuous fuzzy numbers, fuzzy linear equation, hybrid fuzzy neural net, extension principle solution, mixed fuzzy logic, interval arithmetic procedure, maxima defuzzifier, triangular shaped fuzzy number, interval arithmetic solution, extension principle method, interval arithmetic method, identity transfer function, shaped fuzzy numbers, fuzzy max, centroid defuzzifier, hybrid neural net, fuzzy inequalities, crisp solution, fuzzy equivalence relation, fuzzy equations, fuzzy circle, extension principle extension, discrete fuzzy set, fuzzy matrices, fuzzy triangle. Rework Example, Repeat Problem, Discuss Example, Redo Example
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