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Data Mining in Bioinformatics
ISBN: 9798181285323
First Indian Reprint 2006 ,
352 Pages, 110 ill, Soft Cover,
Rs. 425 /- For Sale in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri lanka Only
Primary Audiences:
Students of Computer Science and Life sciences

Computer Science / Life sciences
subcellular location patterns, biodata analysis, scalable index structures, subcellular location features, antipole tree, mining chemical compounds, antipole clustering, subcellular location tree, geometric subgraphs, extended edit distance, spatiotemporal traces, given query predicate, protein subcellular location, segment selectivities, phylogenetic database, edit alignment, haplotype pattern mining, protein ids, topological subgraph, fluorescence microscope images, data quality metrics, data mining perspective, selective predicate, complex histogram, frequent subgraphs
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