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Bioinformatics Technologies
ISBN: 9798181285316
First Indian Reprint 2006 ,
396 pages, 129 ill, Soft Cover,
Rs. 795 /- For Sale in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri lanka Only
Primary Audiences:
Students of Life Sciences

Life Sciences
linked protein sequence, fluxome analysis, genomic object net, return mol, associate connector, protein data analysis, chaos game representation, coding statistics, current contig, protein fold space, macromolecular sequence analysis, model canvas, quence assembly, cell cycle data, structural bioinformatics, bioinformatics technologies, comparative modeling, pairwise sequence alignment, modeling biological processes, walk representations, bioinformatics data, multifractal analysis, pathway modeling, measure representation, pathway databases, Acids Res, Mol Biol, New York, Protein Data Bank, Genomic Object Net, International Conference, Lecture Notes, Methods Enzymol, Hidden Markov Model, Genome Informatics, Protein Explorer, Trends Biotechnol, Applied Bioinformatics, Cell Designer, Data Bank of Japan, Evolutionary Computation, Expression Profiler
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