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Design for Manufacturability and Yield for Nano-Scale CMOS
ISBN: 9788184892444
First Indian Reprint 2009 ,
284 pages , Soft Cover,
Rs. 595 /- For Sale in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri lanka Only
Primary Audiences:
Students of Mechanical Engineering and Nano Technology

Mechanical Engineering and Nano Technology
open critical area, final thickness range, defect size distribution function, yield scoring function, total critical area, shape expansion method, short critical area, average critical area, filter characteristic length, maximum nominal thickness, yield score function, critical area reductions, time related failures, dummy filling, effective density range, systematic yield, adaptive voltage scaling, critical area computation, wire widening, statistical timing analysis, range pattern matching, yield prediction model, digitized geometry, slicing direction, manufacturing grid, Model Based Dummy Filling, Improving Critical Area, Practical Application, Resolution Enhancement Technique, Monte Carlo, Full Chip Simulation Algorithm, Mathematical Formulation of Approximation Method, Integrating Equation, Lithography Figure, Yield Loss Sources
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