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Process Control
Theory and Applications
ISBN: 9788181289315
First Indian Reprint 2008 ,
772 pages, 339 ill, Soft Cover,
Rs. 995 /- For Sale in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri lanka Only
Primary Audiences:
Students of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering
block scheme number, set point unit step, monovariable system, finite mean power, nonlinear geometric control, linear model predictive control, quadratic dynamic matrix control, identified linear model, modal canonical form, generic model control, set point variation, internal model control, set point step, generalized predictive control, flow rate disturbance, continuous polymerization reactor, affine with respect, vapour flow rate, distillation column control, phase crossover frequency, step response coefficients, associated predictor, robustness filter, discrete transfer function, linear quadratic control. New York, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, Design of Feedback Controllers, System Consider, Academic Press, Basic Eng, Digital Control Systems, Process Cont, Annual Meeting, Chemical Reactor Example, Commande des Systèmes Linéaires, Linear Feedback Control Figure, Nonlinear Control of Reactors, Practical Methods of Optimization, Ide
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