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    About Us

Yes Dee Publishing Pvt. Ltd – A Profile

    Headquartered at Chennai - the Academic Hub of India, Yes Dee specializes in serving content to the Indian     Subcontinent at prices the market demands.

Mission Statement

Create Value for Authors – Locally & Globally

Vision Statement

Enable Growth by A.C.T.I.O.N.
 where each letter in A.C.T.I.O.N. stands for our partners in growth
both Internal & External.

Authors            -           Reach out to the world
Customers       -           Right Content at Right Price
Traders            -           Grow with us, Now & Always
Innovate          -           Drive Tomorrow Today
Organisation   -           Environ to inspire the best
Niche               -           Publish into the future

    Our expertise stems from our strategic tie-ups with the leading Global Publishers and our Demand Generation /      Distribution Strength.This has enabled us to fulfill the needs of all our clients both in the Print Media as well as     Electronic Media.

Print Media

    Our Product Portfolio includes:

    1. Original Publishing

We bring out the best of Authorship in India for the world market. Our First Product A Life in Journalism authored by V S Maniam, one of the leading Journalists was widely acclaimed as one of the best books in the category.


    2. Indian Reprints

We bring out the best of books from Publishers not present in India. Our Tie-ups with Global Publishers for Indian Reprints include:
  1. M E Sharpe, USA
  2. Amacom, USA
  3. Scitech, USA
  4. Polish Scientific Publishers PWN, Poland
  5. John Blake Publishing, UK
  6. Sounds True,  USA
  7. Skylight Publishing, USA
  8. IOS Press, Netherlands

    3. Exclusive Distribution

We make bench mark books available at Special Prices in India. Our Tie-ups with Global Publishers for Exclusive Distribution include:
  1. Springer – Science + Business Media
  2. Taylor & Francis Group
  3. Elsevier
  4. Wiley
  5. Palgrave Macmillan
  6. Cengage Learning
  7. Cambridge University Press

    Distribution Strength

Our Sister Company – TBH Group of Companies – has been into the business of Distribution for the last 45 years.  It is one of the largest Distributors in the country with direct reach to 1000 book sellers and indirect reach to over 3000 book sellers facilitated through strategic tie-ups with other regional distributors. In addition, TBH enjoys a clientele of more than 500 libraries directly.

Electronic Media

    1. Consulting

We are also actively involved in offering consultancy to all our clients in setting up Digital Libraries.

    2. Sourcing

We source content for our clients by having strategic tie ups with publishers having Digital Content. At present, we represent Springer, Cengage Learning, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Jaypee Medical, Wiley, etc.

    3. Training

We ensure meaningful usage of the Digital Library with intense user training programs, Seminars and Workshops. There is content for every user and users for all content – It is the gap that we continue to fill – both in the Print & Digital world.



 • T Dhanasekar was inducted by his father into the Publishing Industry in 1984. Over the last 24 years, TBH Group of Companies has moved into the TOP Slot in the markets it is operating in. He currently holds the following portfolios: - CEO, TBH Publishers and Distributors, - Director, Scitech Publications

C. Suresh was baptized into the Publishing Industry in 1994 and groomed by the stalwartsDr. N Subrahmanyam & Mr. S Raghothaman. Having held senior positions at McGraw-Hill and Springer, the exposure to the complete market spectrum was natural and extensive. He has high-level skills in Strategic Planning, Marketing, Product Development, Customer Service and Operations. All these amply complimented by solid Business acumen and a proven ability. He currently holds the following portfolio: - Executive Director, Yes Dee Publishing

Chandra Dhanasekar was inducted into the Publishing Industry by her Husband in 1989.She was instrumental in setting up TBH LBS in 2001 and evolving it as a leader in the segment it operates. She currently holds the following portfolio: - CEO, TBH Library Book Suppliers.

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